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At Bankruptcy-Explained we pride ourselves on providing comprehensive and unbiased financial advice to UK citizens that have found their debts have become unmanageable.

We are fully approved and licenced to do this, and have been successfully helping countless people across the country free themselves from the burden of debt since 2009.

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Who Authorised Us?

Any company in the UK that advises on matters in relation to debt MUST be authorised to do so. The licence was originally called a Consumer Credit Licence (sometimes abbreviated to CCL) which was issued by the Office of Fair Trading after a very stringent application process.

A company or individual used to display their Credit Licence Number on their website and documentation. Our Consumer Credit Licence Number was 620633 and this was shown on the footer of our website and also on our company paperwork. You used to be able to check if a company or person held this type of licence by checking the Office of Fair Trading website

More recently the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) took over the regulation of any company that provides people with advice about debt or credit; especially if they charge a fee for the service.
This new process took many companies out of the market due to how intensive the application and approval process was.
We are proud to say that we are authorised by the FCA under Firm Reference Number 708442.

If you come across a company that’s providing financial advice/services and they do not display their Firm Reference Number provided by the FCA, the best advice you can take is: DO NOT USE them. They are unlicensed and should not be advising people in any aspect of debt, credit or bankruptcy. These companies and individuals should be reported to the Financial Conduct Authority immediately.


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