Can I go bankrupt in England while living abroad?

The straightforward answer to this is Yes!

Declaring yourself bankrupt while living overseas is a very specialist process. In most countries that you move to you have three years in which to file for bankruptcy. After the three years have passed your bankruptcy would not be accepted as you have lived outside of the UK for too long.

If you have moved to a European Country that is part of the European Union the timescales are very different. You would have a matter of months in which to file for your bankruptcy before it would no longer be accepted. If you are living in a country in Europe that is outside of the European Union then there would be a different timescale applicable to your bankruptcy.

How to declare yourself bankrupt in the UK from overseas

You need a specialist company to administer this process on your behalf. You need to grant someone power of attorney to act on your behalf and the bankruptcy must be submitted to the Royal Courts of Justice in London.

If you need help with this service Bankruptcy from Abroad specialises in this procedure and has helped many people declare themselves bankrupt while living overseas. They are the leading overseas bankruptcy company and the only company to specialise in this type of Insolvency.

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