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bankruptcyBankruptcy underwent a radical change in April 2016 and you now no longer need to attend Court.

To declare yourself bankrupt you now need to complete an online bankruptcy application. This application has various sections and will cover many areas in relation to your current situation including employment, income, assets, pensions and other general information.

For us, as a company, these applications are quite straightforward- we have completed hundreds of bankruptcies many clients. But when considering these applications for the first time the process can seem very complex and if not completed correctly, will be rejected by the Adjudicator in Bankruptcy.

We can offer a service that fits in with your requirements. Whether you need us to just complete the application on your behalf or a full service to include help retaining your property back and dealing with creditors we can help. See below for a list of available services and then give us a call to discuss things or contact us via our short enquiry form on the right.


Bankruptcy Services and Charges

Please note that the current bankruptcy fee per person is £680. This fee is in addition to any of the fees that we charge as a Company.
All of our fees are confirmed once we have spoken with you and understand your situation and what we will need to do for you. Our fee may increase in complex or high-level debt cases.


Our standard and most popular service is our Bankruptcy Assistance package.

This will cover preparation of your Bankruptcy Application for submission to the Adjudicator in Bankruptcy. We will also discuss your circumstances and assess if your bankruptcy is likely to be complex or straightforward. Included within this fee is general advice about the process that you are entering into.


Creditor Assistance package

This will help to deal with your creditors and debt collectors. In many situations people are harassed via constant calls and letters and we can help to obtain “breathing space” for you. Even debt collectors have rules and regulations that they need to follow and in many cases they can overstep what they are allowed to do.


Post-Bankruptcy package

This will provide help and advice in relation to issues where you have presented your own bankruptcy subject to discussion of your circumstances.


Income Payment Agreement package

This will provide help, advice and assistance in dealing with three-year income payment agreements and income payment orders where you consider the payment too high. This is a complicated area of bankruptcy and with over ten years of experience in this field of bankruptcy, we have a wealth of knowledge that we can use to help you. We may be able to save you thousands of pounds or even to quash the payment order completely.


Property Assistance Package

This will provide help, advice and assistance in dealing with the buy back of your property and equity purchase during the post-bankruptcy phase. This is a complicated part of your bankruptcy. In some cases, property can be dealt with immediately and in other cases, the Official Receiver can use a 3-year rule where they will extend the time that they have in which to deal with your property. In many cases, a Trustee will be instructed to deal with the property in bankruptcy.


One Year Bankruptcy Support package

This is designed to assist you once you have been declared bankrupt. We will assist you with advice and help once you are dealing with your bankruptcy examiner and the Official Receiver. In this stage of the bankruptcy the Official Receiver will appoint an examiner and you will be subject to an interview together with many standard forms. This is the stage where the examiner will consider your assets and income. We are very experienced with this stage of bankruptcy-let us give you a helping hand through this complicated process.


Gold Bankruptcy Assistance package

This combines all of our assistance packages to give you total support and peace of mind.


You are able to take one or a combination of these services. Subject to which packages you select we may be able to reduce our overall fee that we charge. Just give one of our advisors a call and we will tailor make a package to suit your circumstances.


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